Verifone Enhances Mobile Suite with Android-Based Cloud POS Solution

Verifone announced that it is launching a new cloud point-of-sale (POS) solution for small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Android-based solution, Verifone Cloud POS, will be distributed through Verifone’s network of ISO and acquirer partners.


Merchants across the globe are focused on driving store visits, flexibly managing their business and creating secure, high value experiences for their customers. In particular, SMB merchants are seeking more value from their POS in order to accomplish these goals. They want a secure technology platform that is easily customizable, can grow with their business by better enabling digital offers, and identify, engage and reward their best customers through loyalty and coupon programs.

Additionally, merchants want flexible management and better insight into their business performance. They want all of this from a partner that can offer a cost effective solution to traditional cash registers.


When bundled with Verifone’s industry-leading mobile terminals and software, Verifone Cloud POS will enable ISOs and acquirers to meet the needs of their merchants with an Android-based cloud POS system for tablets and smart phones offering:

  • Turnkey, fully integrated hardware and software solution
  • Open architecture for developers to easily create customizable/scalable applications for merchants of all sizes
  • Featured value added services, as well as future integration capabilities with third-party value added service providers, so that merchants can more easily deploy digital offers, loyalty and coupons
  • Powerful reporting capabilities that provide merchants with enhanced insight into their business
  • Interoperability with any processor (processor agnostic)

Additionally, the Android-based system enables remote management not available in iOS platforms as well as cloud-based storage for secure access to data anytime, anywhere.

These capabilities combined with Verifone’s industry-leading secure payment expertise and support – including pre-sale demonstrations, training and merchant on-boarding – will provide Verifone partners a foundational cloud POS platform that is capable of growing their clients’ businesses and ensuring their success.

“SMBs need more than a payment solution, but until recently it was difficult to provide enterprise level capability to a small business,” said Thad Peterson, Senior Analyst, Aite Group. “Solutions like Verifone Cloud POS solve that problem, and when connected to a tablet-based terminal, it provides a combination of functionality and portability that will meet the needs of a variety of different SMB categories.”


Verifone Cloud POS is ideal for SMBs in a number of verticals, including restaurants, cafeterias, food service and sports and entertainment venues, as well as retail. The complete cloud POS solution includes:

  • Offline support to ensure merchants’ businesses are never disrupted
  • Access to Verifone’s Commerce Enablement platform that allows merchants to reward loyal customers and add value to the POS
  • 10.1” Android tablets with WiFi and optional 4G cellular connectivity for mobile and/or standalone application
  • Optional peripherals such as cash drawers, receipt printers and scanners

The solution will also include a consumer mobile app, which is being developed by Verifone, to allow consumers to order ahead from their smartphones.

“This scalable cloud POS offering, as well as the new suite of mobile products we announced earlier this year, will address merchants’ requests for mobile terminals that are more flexible, future-proof, and operate at a lower cost of ownership,” said Vin D’Agostino, executive vice president of Commerce Enablement for Verifone. “Both developments are initial steps in a series of end-to-end mobile solutions that will package hardware, software, gateways, and other assets to fully address our clients’ and partners’ needs and enable them to add more value for consumers at the point of sale.”

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