Retailers Go Omni-commerce with Heartland and Bigcommerce Partnership

Heartland Payment Systems one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing payment processors, and Bigcommerce, the leading e-commerce platform for innovative businesses, announced the launch of Heartland’s Online Storefront. The industry’s most comprehensive integrated e-commerce platform, Heartland’s Online Storefront enables merchants to launch their online stores in less than one hour or upgrade their existing e-commerce sites with advanced shopping cart functionality and a host of other features to effectively compete with larger players and ultimately grow sales.

Heartland’s Online Storefront provides a complete omni-commerce retailing solution, including a contemporary, professional mobile-optimized website, fully integrated secure payment processing, digital marketing tools such as search engine optimization, promotions and coupons, email marketing, and integration with eBay and social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest — all of which can be deployed in as little as one hour. It also features additional functions, enabled by Bigcommerce’s e-commerce platform, that help grow sales and improve the customer experience, including an “abandoned cart saver” option that increases revenue resulting from saved sales. This end-to-end solution streamlines the e-commerce process for merchants by eliminating the need to work with several disparate providers and is supported by round-the-clock customer support and invoicing from one company.

“Like all of Heartland’s merchant solutions, this powerful offering and our technology partnership with Bigcommerce are critical components of Heartland’s omni-commerce solution designed to empower merchant competitiveness and profitability,” said Ian Drysdale, Heartland’s president – network solutions. “Consumer online purchasing is growing rapidly and it is critical that retailers be ready and well equipped to capture the mindshare of connected consumers if they want to prosper. Heartland’s Online Storefront gives small and medium-sized retailers the power to do just that by opening the door to new sales opportunities.”

Both Heartland and Bigcommerce are experienced industry leaders serving more than a combined 46,000 e-commerce merchants in over 60 countries.

“E-commerce is a $250 billion market in the U.S. growing nearly 15 percent every year,” said Steven R. Power, chief revenue officer at Bigcommerce. “In today’s fiercely competitive, increasingly global environment, brick-and-mortar retailers can’t afford not to be online. Our partnership with Heartland significantly lowers the barriers to entry for merchants, making it simpler and easier than ever to launch and manage an online store, and grow their businesses to their full potential. With Heartland’s Online Storefront, retailers won’t just compete with larger players, they’ll win.”

Merchants across the country are already using the combined solutions, including Bon Bon Online,, Panacea Jewelry, The Equine Gourmet, Tradewinds International and many more.

“We created to expand beyond normal resale channels, enabling our thousands of customers to purchase securely online while increasing our market presence dramatically,” said Dennis Hassell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Panacea Jewelry, Retail Department Division. “Using the Heartland Online Storefront platform, we quickly and easily set up a complete online shop featuring a clean look that complements our unique handmade merchandise. Integrated apps made our shipping and payment processing seamless, while out-of-the-box features like social shopping will help us increase traffic and conversion.”

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