SecureBuy Releases Disruptive Payment Fraud Solution for Call Centers

SecureBuy, a provider of payment fraud prevention technology announced today that it has released SecureBuy 2.0 for Call Centers.

As eCommerce payment transactions become more secure, call center security must become more sophisticated to foil internal theft, and the more sophisticated external fraudster. Call Center payment fraud is at an all-time high, and whether it’s an individual stealing one card number or organized criminals who steal many: companies are liable if they allow a customer’s data to be stolen. Call centers and their networks and business processes, however, are often outdated and easy to breach.

SecureBuy’s cloud-based call center solution has the ability to eradicate conventional payment fraud, friendly fraud, and internal fraud. The new call center solution grants the option to remove full card data from the call center completely, and provides interchange and liability advantages. The SecureBuy 2.0 call center solution can be integrated within existing infrastructure or as a standalone application.

Data concerning EMV implementation in Canada and Europe clearly indicates that an impending tidal wave of CNP fraud is headed to the United States. Merchant industry trade organizations all agree that currently deployed technology and risk mitigation strategies are inadequate to deal with the influx of card-not-present fraud, and will not scale. The end result could be financially devastating to merchants and call centers. “My team has engineered the most technologically proficient payment fraud solution for eCommerce in the world, and engineering the technology for call centers was the next logical step,” states Jason Napsky, Director of Technical Services at SecureBuy.

Industry analysts advocate that call centers need to provide more education and training to their call center agents. What call centers absolutely need is a truly effective and scalable payment fraud solution that automates the entire process, allowing call center agents to deliver an excellent consumer experience, instead of worrying about fraudsters.

“We received tremendous input and support for our call center solution; we’re confident that we have cracked the code for one of the most difficult environments in dire need of security and protection from payment related data breaches and payment fraud. Engineering a PCI-compliant solution to remove full card data from the call centers, and at the same time provide the most effective internal & external payment fraud solution in the industry was our largest challenge to date,” said Greg Wooten, CEO of SecureBuy.

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