TechPay Announced the Launch of SwiftPay for Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores and Retailers

TechPay Mobile Payment Systems announced the launch of SwiftPay for grocery stores, convenience stores and retailers. The new mobile payment system offers numerous benefits to merchants and consumers not available from similar solutions. SwiftPay requires no new hardware for the merchant to install – it integrates directly into the retailer’s existing system.

It doesn’t require an NFC enabled phone or any new hardware to accept NFC payments – it is all software-based. The system works with both Apple and Android mobile devices and accepts credit, debit cards, or a checking account. SwiftPay is not just a digital wallet service, but an easy-to-use, secure and time-saving complete system that allows consumers to make shopping lists, scan manufacturers’ coupons from newspapers, and enter or scan loyalty cards to receive discounts in real-time. SwiftPay can be used for any retail business.

“SwiftPay offers retailers and consumers several more benefits when compared to Apple Pay,” said Ross Markbreiter, CEO of TechPay. “Whereas Apple Pay is just a way to pay, SwiftPay is the easy way to both shop and pay. It is a complete system requiring no new hardware for the merchant, valuable data feedback, is compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices, and it gives consumers three different ways to shop with their mobile device. Grocery stores and supermarkets will be the first to implement SwiftPay, but it can be used for any brick-and-mortar retail business,” concluded Markbreiter.

SwiftPay is available to consumers as a free Apple or Android-compatible app that is downloaded on to their mobile device once it is implemented by the retailer. The app is user-friendly, convenient and secure – giving the consumer three different ways to shop with their mobile device: The consumer scans an item and creates a QR code with their payment information that was previously entered on the SwiftPay website or app. To check out, the consumer uses a pin number and their basket of items is saved and an email receipt is sent to them.

If the consumer prefers to check out using a cashier, the cashier scans the items and the consumer uses the “Pay Now” button on the app.

For consumers seeking the fastest and most convenient shopping experience, they can “Scan, Pay and Go” – skipping the cashier entirely while the merchant can see and record sales, scan data and run banner campaigns from their portal.

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