The Best Mobile Apps to Help You Save Money

Many people have poor financial management skills. Some people spend their entire income on non-essential items that they can live without. It is important to use your assets and money prudently. Financial experts recommend saving at least 25 percent of your income. Normally, it is tricky to save when you don’t have long-term goals. Use your disposable income to bet on Betway. Here are six top apps which can help you save money.

1. Chip
Chip is a modern saving application which uses artificial intelligence (AI). The app tracks your expenditure and compares your profile and transactions with those of other people. It calculates the amount of money you need to save per month. Chip allows you to set goals, track progress and withdraw money anytime. Nevertheless, it isn’t a savings account as it lacks the FSCS protection. It keeps money in a Barclays account.

2. Starling
Starling is a new mobile bank app. It provides special services which ordinary bank accounts don’t offer. For example, Starling allows account holders to set aside money for financing specific projects. It has budget whistles that send regular updates about your spending.

3. Plum
Plum is a savings app that you can integrate with Facebook Messenger. It used AI to monitor your expenditure. Plum compares your financial data with that from other users to estimate your minimum savings amount. It sends separate estimates for each month. You can adjust your monthly savings. The app helps you make short and long-term investments. You can use part of your savings to play online games in the Betway mobile app for fun.

4. Mint
Mint is a sophisticated application which allows users to track their financial activities from their checking, retirement and savings accounts. It automatically categorizes and records each transaction. The app helps you create a budget using spending patterns. It is suitable for Android phones and iPads. Mint generates clear graphs which display a visual representation of your cash flow and net worth. Unlike other saving apps, Mint protects your password. It helps you prevent other people from accessing your Mint account.

5. You Need a Budget (YNAB)
YNAB has a great user interface. It sets aside money for particular activities and tracks your monthly income. You Need a Budget aims at changing your financial habits to increase your savings. It is appropriate for Mac and Windows tech gadgets. YNAB allows you to check your budgetary restriction and transaction from anywhere.

6. Moneybox
Moneybox is a roundup-focused app that you can link to your bank account. It tracks your expenditure and allows you to round up all transactions. Moneybox saves the difference you get from converting your transactions. You can invest the savings in Stocks and Shares ISA. However, Moneybox has an affordable monthly subscription. Saving money is a challenge for most sports fans. Some punters place huge stakes in Betway to support certain teams or players. Some app developers have created efficient apps such as Mint, Chip, Starling and Plum that you can use to save. The apps track your weekly or monthly expenditure to help you determine specific areas where you spend most of your money in. Advanced personal finance apps are available in Android and iOS app stores.

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