VeriFone Delivers POS Software Platform for Tablets to ISOs and Acquirers

VeriFone Systems, Inc. launched GlobalBay Merchant, a new point of sale software platform and support infrastructure designed to help ISOs and acquirers providetablet POS solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs).

GlobalBay Merchant is an extension of the VeriFone GlobalBay line of software already in use by a number of sophisticated, highly integrated retail organizations. Currently available for iOS, it is tailored to the needs of SMBs and built for distribution solely through VeriFone channel partners. GlobalBay Merchant provides acquirers and ISOs with secure, easy-to-use payment capabilities and defined interfaces, so that vertical market or customer-specific programs can be rapidly deployed using tablets. GlobalBay Merchant also provides ISOs and acquirers with a complete support infrastructure, including VeriFone’s 24×7 help desk and automated on-boarding processes.

“The GlobalBay Merchant software platform creates new opportunities for ISOs and acquirers to grow their business and is now available from a partner that is invested in their success,” said Jennifer Miles, president, VeriFone Americas. “It provides everything that merchants need to support their immediate and future business goals, backed by a comprehensive infrastructure that makes it easy for service providers to sell and support.”

SMBs are increasingly interested in using tablets as an alternative to electronic cash registers for fixed andmobile POS. But ISOs and acquirers seeking to identify and deploy feature-rich software often find themselves in conflict with the goals of technology providers who are primarily focused on displacing existing processing relationships and are unable or unwilling to work with channel partners.

More than a dozen partners representing a base of more than 500,000 merchants have already signed up to sell GlobalBay Merchant to SMBs, including EVO Payments International, a leading payments service provider. “GlobalBay Merchant combines everything merchants need in a POS software platform for tablets with back-office support and the security and reliability of a trusted partner,” said Jeff Rosenblatt, president of EVO. “The ability to easily integrate GlobalBay Merchant with other VeriFone devices creates an easy path for migration and expansion as merchants grow their businesses and adapt to consumer expectations for mobile wallet acceptance and value-added services at the point of sale.”

The company is in discussions with additional ISOs, acquirers and processors representing another 4 million merchants.

Built for VeriFone Channel Partners

GlobalBay Merchant enables ISOs and acquirers to create their own pricing schedules, including flat monthly, discount rate or per-click fees. In addition to support, VeriFone provides sophisticated payments infrastructure, including secure encryption and tokenization, and an ecosystem of POS hardware providers that makes it easy for ISOs and acquirers to configure their own unique solution.

Merchants can opt to order hardware configurations, including tablets, VeriFone devices, cash drawers, scanners and printers through VeriFone partners. Additionally, ISOs and acquirers can configure their tablet POS solutions with the VeriFone PAYware Mobile secure audio reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

GlobalBay Merchant also integrates with VeriFone VX payment terminals and consumer-facing MX multimedia payment devices to ensure access to the latest payment technology, including EMV adoption, mobile wallets and value-added services. Additionally, it can be used to access VeriFone’s PAYware Connect gateway, which is capable of routing transactions to all major processors.

Designed for Merchants

GlobalBay Merchant is easy to use for small merchants, but provides advanced features that mid-size businesses need for fixed POS and in-store mobility, including:

  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface, that makes it fast and easy to train new personnel
  • Support for multiple stores, multiple devices per store, and multiple employees
  • Adding and tracking inventory, scheduling appointments in-store or online
  • Tracking employee time, commissions, and tips
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities, including multi-store consolidation, via a web portal
  • Access to value-added services and all major payment networks and payment processors

GlobalBay Merchant for iOS is available now in the U.S. Future releases are planned for additional geographies and operating systems.

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