Visa Survey Shows Africa has Bright Future as Travel Destination

According to Visa’s Sub Saharan Africa Global Travel Intentions Study for 2013, visitors from the Asia Pacific region are most likely to visit Africa in the next year.

The survey showed that 43% of people in the Asia Pacific region intend to travel in Africa within the next year, 34% of people in Africa/Middle East, 19% from Europe and 4% from the Americas.

The Asia Pacific region includes Australia, China, Hong King, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Mandy Lamb, acting general manager for Visa in Sub Saharan Africa said: “Despite the climate of continued economic uncertainty and a relatively weak global economy, it is expected that leisure travel will continue to grow in 2013 with increasingly positive sentiment regarding intended future travel to Africa.

“Globally, Africa is triggering interest. In particular beach destinations such as Mauritius and Seychelles. Other destinations in Africa can do well in attracting trend-setters particularly from within the African region.”

When it comes to choosing a destination, Mauritius and South Africa are the most popular choices in Africa among travellers worldwide.

The top five choices are Mauritius, South Africa (14%), Seychelles (7%), Tanzania (6%) and Zanzibar 5%.

The survey revealed that almost a third (29%) of travellers to Africa are affluent travellers compared to the global context at 18%. These travellers stay in luxury hotels and resorts (59% to the global 39%), which bodes well for the growing number of luxury resorts and safari stays in Africa.

Interestingly, of travellers from individual countries, South Africans are the most likely to travel in Africa with 22% saying they planned on making a trip in the next year. This was followed by China at 11% and India at 8%.

The survey also asked people about their reasons for travel to Africa.

Forty four percent said it was for the good scenery, 38% said for the good weather and 32% said because they had never been before.

“Many people are drawn to Africa’s good scenery and weather. Travellers show strong curiosity to the mostly unfamiliar continent, expecting novel sights and experiences,” Lamb noted.

Where people go, how long they stay, and who they travel with differs widely across the globe. Those who go to Africa tend to do so with family – 72 percent travel with family members.

There is no doubt air travel is by far the most common transportation mode when going to Africa, although car is also popular, mostly for those from South Africa, who visit surrounding countries.

The average stay for a trip to Africa is 15 days.

The Visa survey canvassed 12 631 people aged 18 and above in 25 countries across the world including Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Middle East and the Americas.

It was carried out in August this year.


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