Wirecard Payment Services Now Available for All Sky Subscriptions

Wirecard is now also handling all processing of online credit card and PayPal payments for Sky subscriptions. With a current figure of around 4.3 million subscribers, Sky Deutschland is the largest pay TV provider in the German-speaking region. The Wirecard Bank will be providing credit card acceptance. Wirecard has been responsible for processing the payments for the flexible standalone service, Sky Online, since last December, prior to which Wirecard had already been able to win Sky Deutschland as a customer, providing services for its Snap by Sky online video library.

Julia Kitzinger, Head of Sales Digital Goods at Wirecard, comments: “The collaboration with Sky is absolutely exemplary and running very smoothly. With our integrated payment solutions, we have established an optimal end-to-end solution with the maximum possible security. Together, we have risen to the challenge and are delighted that Sky has now also chosen us to handle the payment processing for its core business.”

The Wirecard Checkout Integration is being used for Sky subscription, as well as Sky Online and Snap by Sky. The payment page adapts to all sales channels, be it a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. In addition, Sky is placing its trust in Wirecard’s Fraud Prevention Suite for all its products. This risk management system for credit card payments ensures the online provider is warned of potentially fraudulent transactions before they are completed.

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