ATMIA Secures Survivor Extraordinaire Brett Archibald as Keynote Speaker for Cape Town Conference

The ATM Industry Association announced that survivor extraordinaire, Brett Archibald, who was rescued after over 28 hours lost at sea without a lifejacket, will be keynote speaker at the association’s conference in October at the Cape Town waterfront.

In April this year, Archibald fell overboard off a charter boat in the Mentawai Straits in the Indian Ocean while unconscious and was forced to endure stormy seas, being stung by a Portuguese man of war and jellyfish, bitten by small fish, attacked by seagulls, hit by a shark, and all while treading water for 28.5 hours alone in the sea.

“We’re absolutely delighted to attract a sought-after speaker with such an incredible true story to tell, “CEO Mike Lee said. “He’s sure to inspire and motivate our members and delegates.”

A businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Archibald will deliver his talk “Miracle at Sea: The true-life drama of Brett Archibald’s 28.5 hour ordeal and survival in treacherous conditions – lessons for turbulent times” at an ATMIA conference, 9-11th October, at the Cape Town waterfront.

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