Why Use Mobile Payments?

Technological developments are often greeted with a mixture of excitement and cynicism. Mobile payments are no different. Amongst all the hype and bluster, however, a fundamental question seems to be largely overlooked – why use mobile payments? Here are just a few reasons to leave your cash and card at home, and pay with your

Businesses Need to Limit the Risk of Handling Cash at Premises

In general, businesses are increasingly exposed to risks associated with handling cash, leading to the need for comprehensive insurance cover which consumes a sizeable amount of business profits. According to Kabir Dhupelia from FNB Cash Solutions, businesses should make use of new and advanced solutions to protect themselves when handling cash. “Even though there has

Cardtronics Launches ATMpass

Cardtronics, Inc., the world’s largest retail ATM owner / operator, has launched ATMpass, a membership program that gives consumers surcharge-free cash access at thousands of participating ATM locations. ATMpass was developed to give consumers the freedom to choose convenient ATM cash access, independent of their financial institution’s ATM network. With an ATMpass membership, users can

The ATM Industry Association Launches New “Cash is Queen” Video on Social Media

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has launched on global social media a new video about cash focused on a romantic date in a restaurant. “We wanted to create a fun video which folks of all ages can really enjoy,” commented Mike Lee, CEO. “The scenario that plays out in the video is very plausible and

First Data Pogo mPOS Solution Enables SMEs to Tap into the Big Spend Season

First Data Merchant Solutions, First Data’s direct-to-market merchant acquiring business, announced the launch of Pogo Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) solution in Singapore. The innovative payments solution enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to offer fast, easy and secure card payments on the go, when they would usually only accept cash. Merchants only need to plug in

SimplePay Releases SimpleGiving Enabling Charitable Donations via Mobile

From the convenience of your desktop to the palm of your hand, SimplePay has simplified the lives of thousands of connected Nigerians by eliminating physical cash from financial transactions. Now, with the release of the stand-alone SimpleGiving app, one more type of transaction, donating to your church, can be made faster, easier and safer. Users

ATMIA Publishes Position Paper on Cash as Public Money

ATMIA, the world’s only international association for the ATM industry, has published a new position paper about the role of cash as public money. “Cash today still represents 85% of global retail payment transactions,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, “but its role as public money is key to the underlying trust the world continues

Europeans Struggle to Break the Dirty Cash Habit

Research released today by MasterCard has shown that despite believing handling cash, bank notes or coins to be unhygienic and dirty, only one in five wash their hands after holding it. The European wide study of over 9,000 consumers from 12 countries highlighted how despite being ranked as more unhygienic than hand rails on public

FNB – Cards Beat Cash by R3bn in December 2013

South Africans are abandoning cash for card payments, cutting banking costs by reducing the need to transport money, according to First National Bank (FNB). The bank reported in December card payments were ZAR3 billion (US$289 million) higher than cash withdrawals, though this had fallen again by January. “The gap between purchases made with banknotes compared

Botswana Central Bank Introduces New Family of Coin

Botswana central bank, Bank of Botswana says it will introduce a new family of coin in the first quarter of 2014, the bank disclosed in a statement this week. The introduction of the new coin follows a comprehensive review of the national currency, in this case Botswana coin. “This is in line with international norms