Finding Payment Solutions That Support Students and Educators Alike – Pay@

By Clinton Leask, Business Development Lead, Pay@ Education is a cornerstone of our country’s future success, yet the burden of tuition fees, combined with the current cost-of-living crisis, are the cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety for parents and students. At the same time, student debt is a worrisome burden for tertiary

Why Scan to Pay QR Beats Cash, Cards and Transfers – Ukheshe

Quick response (QR) codes have become part of everyday life in recent years. From leaflets and billboards to menus and product packaging, they’re everywhere and easy to use. Compared to other forms of payment, particularly cash, QR codes significantly reduce the risk of theft or loss, as they eliminate the need to carry physical money.

Mastercard Spearheads South Africa’s Digital Payments Evolution With New Local Investments in Technology Infrastructure

Today, Mastercard announced the completion of significant new technological infrastructure that will enable the tech company to process transactions locally and drive the modernization of South Africa’s payments industry. The project is the latest major investment that Mastercard has made in technology and partnerships in South Africa that are set to further improve the country’s

Ukheshe and Komuniti SA Collaborate to Make Digital Banking Services More Accessible

African communities have historically found innovative ways of collaborating and combining individual financial resources for the good of the many. Stokvels and funeral savings are just two examples of community initiatives to which everyone contributes and from which everyone benefits. These and other savings and community wealth creation mechanisms are often entered into without proper

MetaMask and Xion Global: Crafting the Future of 1-Click WEB3 Payments in South Africa

In today’s digital landscape, two prominent players are set to reshape the decentralised payments scene in South Africa: MetaMask and Xion Global. Their collaboration is not just a fusion of strengths; it’s a vision, a roadmap to the future of payments in South Africa. Web3 Payments in South Africa MetaMask (MM), globally recognised as the

Little App, Absa, and Visa Introduce Convenient NFC Payment Feature for Taxi Drivers

Little App, a leading Pan-African “everyday everything” app, has joined forces with Absa Bank Kenya PLC and Visa, a world leader in digital payments, to unveil an innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) payment feature. This collaborative effort aims to streamline and expedite the payment process on Little App taxis by allowing drivers to accept card-based

Pick N Pay Smart Shopper Innovates With New Digital Platform

Pick n Pay, a trailblazer in the loyalty space, celebrates its pioneering spirit as it embarks on a digital transformation journey with the launch of the Pick n Pay Smart Shopper app. This marks the start of a new era of customer engagement and convenience for Smart Shopper as it aims to become South Africa’s

Scan to Pay Powered by Ukheshe – More Than Just Another Way to Pay

Since the brand evolution of Masterpass to Scan to Pay, Powered by Ukheshe, earlier this year, South Africa’s appetite for mobile QR payments has surged. Crafted with the user in mind, Scan to Pay is more than just a payment application – it’s a financial hub tailored for the everyday consumer. “We wanted to provide

“GCB Has Been An Active Player In Supporting Various Sectors Of The Economy” – Mr. John Adamah

On Wednesday 20th September, Executive Head, Retail Banking Mr. John Adamah was a guest on GTV’s ‘Market Avenue’ hosted by Maurice Ogbete to speak on GCB Bank’s 70th anniversary celebrations. Mr. Adamah began the conversation by answering questions on GCB Bank’s contributions to the socio-economic development of Ghana over the last 7 decades. He spoke

Unified Payments Taps Compass Plus Technologies for its New Payment Gateway Platform to Future-proof its E-commerce Acquiring Business

Unified Payments (UP), Nigeria’s premier financial technology service provider, has successfully launched its e-commerce gateway services built on the new state of the art payment gateway platform from Compass Plus Technologies. The strategic move further strengthens the 18-year partnership between the two technology titans and has enabled UP to become the first institution in the